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Monday, March 15, 2004
Good Times for Everyone

it's been a loooong time since i last wrote! Okay time to catch up! I started track, screwed up my back again, went to physical therapy and am stil doing track. Right now im only doing high jump, tripple jump and shotput. My shotput goes like 2 feet lol. Starting next week im supposed to be able to run. We got 3rd in our last track meet at Rogers. Which is good for it being an all public school meet. Our next meet is on my brithday! "His Meet" at Troy. Oh Yeah, I'm going out with Isaac now :) I was supposed to go to new orleans wih meredith but then we ended up not going because her moms aunt died and some other reason. But this summer we are prolly gonna go there or maybe las vegas! I was excited about that. Well this whole week Isaacs in Canada so I cant talk to him for a while. His brother shaved off his eyebrow...i dont like it haha.Tuesday im going shopping for my brithday! and then wednesday im going shopping again! and thursday and friday i will prolly be at Merds house. Oh YEAH! at the last track meet i did high jump...and when i was going to get off the mat my spikes got stuck in the mat and i fell off backwards on the ground and these 2 guys started laughing at me..it was so embarrasing and then the same guys saw me trip over this thing in the ground and fall on my face! it was so sad. and callie and Taylor are going out now too! It's great. And my new favorite song is Sunrise by Norah jones! Download it, it's a good one!
Well thats it! Love Yall!

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Saturday, February 28, 2004
The first fight like ever!

So CTCS had there first fight friday! lol it was between Kyle and Beechem. Which was dumb cause i dont understand why beechem tried to start a fight with the guy who can squat more than anyone in the school! but it was kinda funny.. cause beechem pushed kyle and kyle grabbed him in a headlock ad threw him on the groun and started beating him..i was trying to get in and stop it along with aloha and taylor but micah grabbed my arm and wouldnt let me in there! So finlly taylor and aloha got them apart and we made them leave each other alone. so then after art someone came and told me to et tyler to leave fast  cause kyle was waiting for him outside to finish it. so ppl made tyler go a diff way and i got kyle to leave. well as soon as we get outside kyle sees tyler and takes off towards him so i tried to grab kyles bag(which did nothing at all) and of course he just threw it off at me. so then kyle started yelling lets finish this lets finish this! so tyler comes along adn outta no where this huge crowd forms around us and im like in the middle between beechem and kyle cause i dont want beechem to get killed and i was pretty sure kyle wouldnt hit me. Well kyle and beechem started yellin at each other and kyle started yalling at me to get outta the way but i didnt and so he pushed me outta the way and jumoped at beechem but then a teacer came along and broke it up and as soon as she left they went at it again and Nuni had to break it up 3 times again before tyler finally got in the car. Yeah so that was pretty interesting! And today i went to shellys house along with callie and kendrya and we ran 4 miles.and we got bored so we deicded to run to isaacs house and he ran back with us to shellys and then  back to his! but it was fun i guess! and now im bored! alright later!
Love yall!

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Monday, February 23, 2004
glorious Day

Okay so today was extremly boring. We had track practice and we had to run 2 and half miles..wasnt so bad i guess. then we had practice after school to and all we did was field events so that was fun. Once again theres more drama at school. But o well people will eventually get over things, no one stays mad for long. Well our frist track meet is in like about...2 weeks? i dont think were gonna be ready AT ALL. And i got some new sunglasses and a new purse! so that made me happy. Tomorrow the NJHS is supposed to be having a talent show thing...i dont think thats gonna turn out that well. well anyways i guess today was a pretty good day!
Love Yall!

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Sunday, February 22, 2004
Whats in my head

Hey Yall!
I decided to make this blog deal so yall can get an idea of whats going on in my head.
So today was pretty boring...I went to church then cleaned for 3 hours just cause i was in the mood and then i layed out and tanned for an hour then ran a mile and then i got a call. It was ryan and Stephen! i was excited cause i hadnt gotten to talk to Ryan in a week or so. Well this morning Becca told me clay was in the hospital cause of what happend to his head and so on and i got  reallly scared once i got to thinking about it and how hurt he could really be! Anyways schools going alright, except it always seems like everyones in a pist off mood or always mad at someone. why cant we all just get along! haha.Im doing track and i have practices 2 times a day except on fridays and wednesdays then we only have it once a day. Its not so bad, only mondays are awful! anyways thats all for today!
Love Yall!

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